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Why do you do it? Food tastes better the closer it comes from you. Do your remember how that tomato tasted from the backyard? We do! We love to support our local farmers as much as possible and show case them every chance we get! 

Who are we?  Farm 2 Counter, a delivery service that always shops local during season and organic second. We can't always get local and organic but we always try. We deliver every Friday to the local area and are starting our very own weekly cooking show!


Why is it important to eat local? When your food comes from your state there is a lesser carbon footprint and eating becomes more sustainable. The fruits are picked riper, making them taste sweeter and more delicious. The tomatoes don't have to be picked green and the apples are not waxed to improve shelf life. 

Is your box customizable? Yes! Our box is 100% fully customizable!!! You can make a substitution to any item with over 50 choices sometimes. 

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