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Vendor: Edgewood Creamery

Location: Purdy, MO
Food Miles: 45 miles

Edgewood Creamery is owned and operated by the Fletcher family in Purdy, Missouri.

Edgewood creamery promotes a healthier choice for consumers. They satisfy the need for natural, high-quality dairy products. Edgewood Creamery offers hand crafted cheese made with milk from grass-fed cows.  

Grass-fed cows are a significant part as to why Edgewood Creamery is a natural, healthy dairy product. At Edgewood Creamery we handcraft our products in a way that is not only best for our products, but in a way that is best for our family, our community, and generations to come. 

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Cheese Curds, Local, Grass-Fed Cream-Line Milk, Local, Grass-Fed Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Local, Grass-Fed Ozark Mountain Blue Cheese, Local, Grass-Fed Cream-Line Chocolate Milk, Local, Grass-Fed Jalapeno Cheese Curds, Local Cheese Curds, Local, Grass-Fed Farmhouse Original Cheese-Slices, Local Plain Jane Cheese, Local, Grass-Fed Milk & Honey Formage Blanc, Local, Grass-Fed Farmhouse Original Cheese, Local, Grass-Fed Pint Cream-Line Chocolate Milk, Local, Grass-Fed Pint Cream-Line Milk, Local, Grass-Fed Young Cheddar, Local Jalapeno Cheese Curds, Local, Non-GMO Dairy Bundle

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