When do you deliver? Do I have to be home?

We deliver on Fridays and will leave your box of produce at your door. When you sign up, you can give tell us exactly where to deliver the box. That could be a side entrance, hidden behind a fence, or even to the tree house. You don't even have to be home. 


How do I know my produce is local or organic?

We try to buy locally when ever we can, what we can't get from the local area we get in certified organic. All organic produce will be labeled. You can check on website each week to see what local farms we are featuring.


How do I pay? Do you accept cash or checks?

We only accept credit or debit cards. We will bill your credit (or debit) card weekly. 


When do you confirm orders?

We confirm orders on Monday at 7am for the week and charge all credit cards.


Can I change items in my box?

Yes, all boxes are fully customizable with our super easy to use online system.


I have a social coupon, do I need a credit card for it?

Nope! You already paid for it. We have a special sign up process just for you. After you receive your box of produce, we would love to have you decide to join us, and if you do it's as simple as logging in and adding your payment information.


Can I give the box and ice packs back to you?

Yes! We try to reuse or recycle everything possible, so please leave your box out with ice packs for your driver to pick up on your next delivery day. If it's still in good condition, we can use it again, and if not we will recycle it.


How can I veiw my order history?

Very simple!  Click on your account settings and there will be an icon that displays order history. 


Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes!  Please visit our Wholesale page for more information by clicking on the link below.



I want to see where my produce is packed, where do I go?  

Great question!  We have a physical store location. Follow the link below to find out more information about our store.  




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