How It Works

How does Farm 2 Counter work?

1. From our home page, simply pick your box you would like.

2. Complete the sign up process, and set your schedule.

3. That's it! We'll deliver fresh, amazing, deliciousness to your doorstep at your home or work!

We give you 100% control over your schedule, and you can add or skip deliveries up to three months in advance (exept on periodic & build a box option, this goes week by week). You can also fully customize what's in your box when you are logged in to your account. Join our TEXT BLAST to be the first to know when our boxes are designed each week! This gives you a jump start on making those subs before they sell out. JOIN HERE


What happens after I sign up?

After you sign up and set your delivery, you just have to sit back and relax! Weekly emails and a TEXT BLAST (SIGN UP HERE) will be sent to you before your order is placed so you customize your boxes ingredients, add meats, eggs, pantery items, or if you need to skip a week, you can do that as well. You have until 9pm on Sunday to make any changes to your farm box.


When do you deliver? Do I have to be home?

We deliver on Fridays and we will leave your box of goodies at your doorstep. When you sign up, you can tell us exactly where to deliver the box. That could be a side entrance, hidden behind a fence, or even to the tree house. You don't even have to be home. You could have a nice box of gourmet groceries waiting for you when you get home.

Please leave out the old box with ice pack and VIP Reward Card so you can get your stamp. 


Where do I tell you what produce I like and don't like?

Log in to your account and click on 'Favorites' on the side menu. We've developed a super simple, totally awesome way for you to tell us your likes and dislikes. If you choose to not like something our computer will pick an option for you automatically. To have full control of this check in each week to see what is going to be in your box. 


Can I give the box back to you?

Yes!  We try reuse or recycle everything possible, so please leave your box, egg cartons and ice packs out for your driver to pick up on your next delivery day.


Will you deliver to my business?

Yes, and delivery is always FREE for all orders over $50.00 ($5 delivery fee for orders $49 and below)


How does my VIP Reward card work?

We give you a reward card on your first order and when you fill it out you get $10 off your next order.  You can get a stamp each time you order by being punctual and having box/ice packs ready outside with payment and reward card (put in a ziplock bag).  Feel free to just put on your front door or at the front desk of where you work.  

Another way to get an extra 5 stamps on your reward card is to refer a friend.  When they order for the first time, you get 5 stamps! Recommend a farmer and when we buy from them, you get 10 extra stamps.

If it's your birthday week and you order a bag from us.  Show us your license verifying your D.O.B. and you get 10 STAMPS FREE!  

If you give your favorite restaurant our business card and they purchase local farm fresh produce from us you get 10 FREE STAMPS on your reward card! That's right $10 off!


Payments & Deposits

  • - We accept credit/debit cards online.
  • - We charge $10 if you change/cancel your order after cut off on Monday at 8am. 
  • - FREE delivery on any order $50 or more.
  • - We charge a $5 delivery on any order $49 and below.
  • - No sign up fees, no deposits, no commitment! 

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