Grilled Peaches

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5 minutes
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Grilled Peaches

At Farm 2 Counter we like to enjoy food at the peak of freshness. Use soft ripe peaches for this recipe. Grilled fruit and ice cream are always a good combination! ~Chef Austin Merath


3-4 Ripe Peaches

Sunflower Oil 

1 Pint Andy’s Frozen Custard


Step 1
Slice peaches in half longways all the way around and twist halves off the pit. Remove the pit. 

Step 2
Brush peaches with sunflower oil or other unflavored oil.

Step 3
Heat your grill to medium high heat. Place peaches face down and grill 4-8 minuites per side. You’ll see nice grill marks on the peaches.

Step 4
Remove peaches from grill to a bowl. Add some amazing Andy’s vanilla frozen custard (or other nice vanilla ice cream) and enjoy!


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