Foil Baked Butter Potatoes

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Foil Baked Butter Potatoes

My dad would make these everytime we had the grill on. Thin sliced potatoes and onions with butter and cajun seasoning. Slow cooked on the grill, these were addicitve potatoes. You don't have to to dirty up the kitchen cooking these, you can just put them on the grill before you cook the rest of your BBQ food ;)

~Chef Austin Merath

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1-2 Lb Peeled and Thin Sliced Potatoes

1 L Yellow Onion, Thin Sliced

1 Stick of Real Deal Butter

Cajun Seasoning

Sea Salt & Pepper

Heavy Duty Tin Foil

Little Water


Step 1
First get your grill nice and hot (if your doing them in the oven 350 F) Make 2 sheets of 1ft long tinfoil laid next to each other, slightly overlapping by 5 inches. This is going to make our tin foil oven.

Step 2
Place a layer or potatoes on in the middle, then a light layer of onion, and a few pats of sliced butter, lightly season with cajun seasoning. Repeat the layers till all ingredients are used up. Wrap the tinfoil around everything and completely seal everything up. Make a small hole in the top, add a couple of tablespoons of water, this will help steam everything.

Step 3
Place pouch on the grill on indirect heat and grill for 45 min- 1 hr, until taters are tender.


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