Roasted Broccoli & Rainbow Carrots

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Source: Chef Paul Allen

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22 min
Roasted Broccoli & Rainbow Carrots

I absolutely love roasting vegetables. Especially when they are beautiful and colorful and packed full of flavor and nutrition. ~Chef Paul Allen


  • 1 bu Broccoli, Large Dice

  • 1 lb Rainbow Carrots, Large Dice

  • 2-4 tbl Cooking Oil (use your favorite, I like Safflower or Sunflower)

  • To Taste Sea Salt & Pepper


Step 1
Chop up broccoli and dice carrots. Add to a large bowl. Drizzle over oil and season with salt and pepper. Toss to coat. 

Step 2
Pre-heat oven with baking pan empty to 400 degrees. When oven is pre-heated take out empty pan and pour out vegetables. You will hear a sizzle, this is a good thing. Your veggies will be less likely to stick to the pan now.

Step 3
Cook for 18-22 minutes until desired browning has occurred and everything is fork tender. 


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