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Earth Nut This box is jam packed with items that grow out of the ground! Loaded down with tons of veggies & some fruits. We always try to shop local first, but what is not in season we then strive for Organics. This box is always V & V friendly. (Vegan & Vegetarian)

What's in it?

Pears, Local
Pears, Local, 1 (each)
Local Pears $1.29 each ... get them while you can.  :)...see more

Candy Onion, Local
Candy Onion, Local , 1 (1 each)
Candy Onions, Local $.99 each  Local Candy Onions from only 5 miles away. Feels good to say local!!! Slowly as you believe in the farmers they will believe...see more

Missouri Tomatoes, Non-GMO
Missouri Tomatoes, Non-GMO, 1 (lb)
Are you ready for local tomatoes?  We are changing over to these from the Florida tomatoes.  Get ready for an even bigger taste difference.   Missouri...see more

New Potatoes, Local
New Potatoes, Local, 1 (lb)
...see more

Date Caramel Syrup Single Serving Sticks, Organic, Local
Date Caramel Syrup Single Serving Sticks, Organic, Local, 1 (5pack)
Stick Pack: Caramel 5 pack Grab a Date Lady stick for your busy day and life adventures. Add some flavor to your cup of coffee. Drizzle over an apple...see more

Kuzuko's Sweet & Sour Sauce, Local
Kuzuko's Sweet & Sour Sauce, Local, 1 (12 oz)
Handcrafted Sweet & Sour Sauce sourced from Mt. Vernon MO Ingredients: Tomato Ketcup, Granulated Sugar Cane, Apple Cider Vinegar, Soy Sauce (Water, Wheat,...see more

Granny Smith Apple, Local
Granny Smith Apple, Local, 2
Local Granny Smith Apple $1.19 ea We only buy the finest Organic Granny Smith Apples available, they are like the jolly rancher of natural flavors and fruit. We...see more

Rainbow Bell Pepper, Local
Rainbow Bell Pepper, Local, 1 (ea)
Local Rainbow Bell Pepper.  Packed with great flavor and loads of benefits!...see more

Yellow Bell Pepper, Local, Organic
Yellow Bell Pepper, Local, Organic, 1 (each)
no description available ...see more

Bell Pepper, Local
Bell Pepper, Local, 1 (ea)
Bell Pepper, Organic $1.79 each Great crisp fresh flavors coming your way with these babies! ...see more

Acorn Squash, Local, Non-GMO
Acorn Squash, Local, Non-GMO, 2 (ea)
Local Acorn Squash $2.49 each These are absolutely delicious, especially when you chop them in half, de-seed, sprinkle with brown sugar and butter and roast off...see more

Spaghetti Squash, Local
Spaghetti Squash, Local, 1
...see more

Sweet Potatoes, Local, Non-GMO
Sweet Potatoes, Local, Non-GMO, 1 (1 lb)
Local Sweet potatoes $1.99 lb ...see more

Golden Delicious Apple, Local
Golden Delicious Apple, Local, 2 (each)
Local Golden Delicious Apples $.99 each What a fun apple to bake with or put in your children's lunch box for a healthy snack. While you are at it throw one or...see more

White Rice Flour, Local, Organic, Non-GMO
White Rice Flour, Local, Organic, Non-GMO, 1 (20 oz)
...see more

Zucchini, Local, Non-GMO
Zucchini, Local, Non-GMO, 1 (1 each)
Local Zucchini is finally available here at the farm.  This are sold by the each.  ...see more

Jonagold Apples, Local
Jonagold Apples, Local, 1 (each)
Local Jonagold Apples $.99 each These apples are delicious and have that crisp bite you would expect! Great for baking and munching fresh. Thank you farmer Dan...see more

Red Delicious Apple, Local
Red Delicious Apple, Local, 2 (each)
Local Red Delicious Apple $.99 each These apples are best to be eaten fresh as a treat! Awesome for this time of the year. ...see more
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