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Vital Farms Butter, Grass-Fed, Local

Vital Farms Butter, Grass-Fed, Local

$3.99/8 oz

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Vital Farms Butter, Grass-Fed, Local Features

Local- This is a local product!Farm Fresh- Premium Quality!!NON GMO - LOGO

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Butter, Grass-fed, Local $3.99 8oz

Vital Farms does it right, and did you know they have set up shop right here in Springfield Mo!

Small herds of suitable breeds (Jerseys and Guernseys for example) are tended by experienced American family farmers on well-managed lands.  They are free to graze every day, and supply a rich, high-fat milk that is just right coming off the farm.  And that’s before our butter-makers get their hands on it.

How cream is churned really matters in butter-making, and the secret is going small and slow.  Artisanship and patience are rewarded with a butter that is beyond compare.  The folks who slow churn our pasture-raised butter in small batches have been doing it the same way for over 120 years, with five generations of the same family passing father to son, at one of America’s oldest creameries.

We’re proud of how we treat all the beautiful animals who are working hard to produce the best food for us, whether it be happy hens, or, contented cows!

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