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Vendor: Askinosie Chocolate

Location: Springfield, MO

We at Askinosie Chocolate exist to craft exceptional chocolate while serving our farmers, our customers, our neighborhood, and one another, striving in all we do to leave whatever part of the world we touch better for the encounter.

"I was excited, and challenged, to learn that if I made chocolate from the bean, I’d be one of the only people in the country doing so. If I also sourced and imported the beans directly myself, so that my customers and I would know precisely where our chocolate came from, I’d be among the first to apply that common-sense principle to chocolate-making. If I were to treat cocoa farmers like business partners—with fairness, dignity, and respect, while making sure they receive their fair share of the income—I’d be one of the only people doing that, too."-Shawn Askinosie

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2006 N Broadway Ave
Springfield, Mo 65803